My hope for the future.

For the sake of this discussion, Liberals, Progressives, The Left, all refer to the mindset that seeks to promote the welfare state, mediocrity, and the belief that you don’t need to achieve. Conservative and The Right refer to those who believe individual achievement and responsibility are hallmarks of a healthy, successful culture. The terms used and the divisions they illustrate are, of course, much more nuanced, but this is an article, not a book, so I have to make some allowances.

It’s a sad truth that Liberals, Progressives, are finding more and more traction in our country, that our society is moving further and further Left all the time. I believe this is in large part due to the fact that our culture makes it easy for people to be intellectually lazy, and that plays perfectly into the Left’s agenda. Let them feed you, provide for you, protect you from all harm, and you, in turn, shut up, don’t think, don’t go your own way, don’t rock the boat, and whatever you do, don’t disagree. The Left promotes a culture of laziness, the laziness of acquiescence and acceptance of the lowest common denominator as the standard we are to ooze towards. The Right, on the other hand, encourages you to prove yourself, given a fair chance. Get out there, work hard, have a dream and shoot for it. Prove us wrong if we say you can’t do what you set out to do.

I don’t want what “The Left” has to offer to the world my grandchildren will grow up in. A liberal, progressive, United States is one where the government subsidizes everyone who is willing or only able to be mediocre. The society of that country will be weak, cowardly, and ineffectual. They will expect the government teat to flow freely into their gaping, ignorant maws, happy that they are kept satisfied, as long as they don’t stand up, don’t buck the trend.

I don’t want future generations to be subsidized, to have bland middle-of-the-roadness handed to them on a government-issued paper plate. I certainly agree laws should be in place that ensure they get every fair chance to use their own abilities, but once that even playing field is established, let them work for it. That’s how things should be. A “progressive” culture won’t encourage them to progress in their own direction. I want them to have fair opportunity, but I hope they have to think for themselves, figure things out, plan, execute, strive and achieve.

Wholesale subsidization gives no sense of achievement, unless all you hope to achieve is to be a leech, then it works very well for that. Setting a goal that is currently beyond yourself, aiming high and knowing you’ll have to really work to get where you want to be, that’s what sets up the possibility of gaining a real sense of achievement. I hope my grandchildren will be encouraged and inspired to do just that. But that requires a willingness and ability to push beyond yourself and often to push beyond your peers. You must be willing to distinguish yourself to some degree. I expect my grandchildren will be the kind of people who will do exactly that. But in distinguishing yourself, you will by default place some people in a less distinguished position, and of course that isn’t “fair” according to The Left. It’s discriminatory to be better at any given thing than someone else is.

That’s a lie, of course. It isn’t usually good to belittle others, to go out of your way to make them feel bad, but any progress must be measured within some framework. Any movement must be defined relative to some other thing. To keep America strong and moving in the right direction, children of our future must be taught that excelling, exceeding the norm, pushing harder, if you’re so driven, is the right thing to do.

The Left doesn’t want you to meet your own needs, to prove your own worth, to set your own goals. They need you to acquiesce, to absorb their mundane manna, their media-delivered mush, be a mouth to feed, not a mind that can think. A culture who’s goal is the lowest common denominator is a dying culture, a culture that deserves to be governed by others who only see them basically as a crop.

I hope my grandchildren will grow up in, and help build, a culture that strives for more than what is, one that ensures you have a fair chance but lets you suffer your own consequences if you don’t act on the opportunities available. I hope they grow up in a culture that will protect those that need protecting, but won’t hobble those who are able and willing to do much more.