Don’t look away.

(Editor’s Note: My good friend Dave Hora passed away totally unexpectedly just a few days ago. His wife, Carol, has graciously given me the go-ahead to continue posting the many articles of Dave’s I have saved.)

If there’s any way the devil can get your eyes away from the Word, he’ll do it. He’ll cause trouble. He’ll make the circumstances around you pitch and roll like a rowboat in a hurricane. He’ll do anything he can to get you to concentrate on the realm of the physical senses and the situation around you instead of on the promise of God–because he knows that if he doesn’t, you’ll take that promise and beat his brains out with it. Don’t let that happen to you. Once you get a revelation from the Word of God, hang onto it. Don’t focus on anything else. The devil will do everything he can to get you to turn loose of it. He’ll stir up things around you. He’ll try to get you into fear. He’ll push every button he can from the past to get you back into your old way of thinking. But don’t let go. Keep your eyes on the Word of God until it’s more real inside you than anything else. “A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”. Eph 6:10

God Strong