Emergency Rant – Coffee cups, minimum wage and TSA

Hey all! Long-time friend and fellow soldier Jim R. had an excellent rant this morning that I just had to post, so here it is, raw and unedited. You go Jim!


Good morning I usually don’t say much on this page. I was watching the news this morning what the f*** is it with these god damn coffee cups. Really a controversy it’s a coffee cup plain and simple. Get a grip. And another thing this guy jumped off the cruise ship. Family says because somebody called him gay. He is married to another man didn’t he already know that he’s gay. Obviously underlying issue sorry no frivolous lawsuit here. Just a dumbass. We got protesters in Miami and New York who wants $15 an hour to flip freaking burger for crying out loud. I am journeyman carpenter I make 15.50 hour after 30 years of hard work. Flipping burgers is not a career choice. No doubt they will want there hours cut to maintain government benefits . That my 15.50 an hour pays for. And another thing at Miami International Airport last night they tied up the whole damn system because some TSA agent can’t tell the difference between a piece of electronics and an explosive device. Isn’t that what they are trained to do ? Do these people even have a high school education. I don’t think so.

I dealt with TSA agents in the past. Mostly dumbasses. And that’s what really burns my ass today. sorry for the grammar only make 15.50 hour. Have a hectic day.