Hillary’s Email Scandal Keeps Getting Worse [VIDEO]

In March of 2015, some nasty stuff started hitting the fan for Hillary Clinton. It was discovered that she used her private email account, running on her own email server, for official communications. It has been a big nasty fly in the ointment of her presidential campaign, causing, I’m sure, a lot of headaches for her and her staff. Somehow she has managed to stay out from behind bars so far, but there’s a new ray of hope for those who would like to see just that.

Hillary's Email Scandal Keeps Getting Worse [VIDEO]

Just last Friday, January 15, Inspector General Charles McCullough alerted lawmakers that the team of federal investigators researching Clinton’s breach of proper security practices had found several dozen more classified emails in her personal account. Most of these were classified as confidential, secret, and top secret, but there’s an even higher level. Some of her emails contained information from “Special Access Programs”. These are more secret than top secret, because of the highly sensitive nature of the activities, and the fact that such communications could reveal sources of information.

Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox News’ “Special Report”, had this to say, “From some people I’ve talked to, this is worse than what Snowden did…This is so sensitive … if it’s compromised, people die. This is very serious.”

Clinton has tried to dismiss it all as much ado about nothing. As with most things she has to say, though, she lies. Of the thousands of emails that have been recovered from her system, over 400 have been determined to contain classified information. Hillary’s handlers have taught her to say that can’t be held against her because they weren’t stamped classified at the time. Intelligence experts respond to that by saying many were “born” classified, that by the very nature of the information in the emails, they should have been dealt with as classified from the very beginning.

So, the issue is real, the potential for intelligence and security damage is high, Hillary is being disingenuous at best, and she’s hoping her Teflon aura will keep any of this from sticking. Hopefully someone takes a scouring pad to that Teflon.

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