Presidential Candidates Wealth List

Presidential candidates this year range from people hardly anyone has heard of, such as former Democrat Mayor Martin O’Malley, who, honestly, I still have no idea who he is, to people everyone knows (although some wish they didn’t) like Donald Trump.

Presidential Candidates Wealth

Forbes put together a list of the candidates ranked by wealth. Their research started with the financial disclosure statements to the Federal Election Commission that each candidate is required by law to submit. Where possible, they dug deeper into the candidates public records to get a better idea of each one’s actual wealth.

And now, the list:

Martin O’Malley – $0 – This poor guy has no wealth. In fact, he took on debt to send his kids to college.

Marco Rubio – $100,000 – Not an especially rich man, with a mortgage and some debt.

Bernie Sanders – $700,000 – For a Socialist, he’s got some bank going there.

Rick Santorum – $2,000,000 – Among other things, he collects rent on six properties near Penn State.

Rand Paul – $2,000,000 – He is an author and businessman.

Chris Christie – $3,000,000 – But he didn’t make most of that. His wife made some good investments on Wall Street.

Ted Cruz – $3,500,000 – A Senator, previously a lawyer, and his wife works at Goldman Sachs.

Jim Gilmore – $7,000,000 – Here’s one of the guys I had never heard of. Most of his money is in cash and stocks.

Mike Huckabee – $9,000,000 – He has been a well-paid Fox radio host for years, as well as being a sought-after speaker.

John Kasich – $10,000,000 – Ohio governor, previously worked for Lehman Brothers, hosted a Fox News show.

George Pataki – $13,000,000 – This former New York governor is a lawyer.

Jeb Bush – $22,000,000 – Not a lot of information is available on where his wealth comes from, but you can bet that being a Bush doesn’t hurt.

Ben Carson – $26,000,000 – He’s a retired neurosurgeon, so there’s that. And he sat on both Costco and Kellogg corporate boards.

Hillary Clinton – $45,000,000 – Speeches, her role as Secretary of State, and probably a number of other unsavory activities. Really have to feel sorry for her, they were destitute when Bill left the Oval Office. You know the struggle, Hillary, it sucks being poor! Right.

Carly Fiorina – $58,000,000 – Former Hewlett-Packard CEO, with a large stock portfolio.

And sitting at the top of the list…j

Donald Trump – $4,500,000,000 – International real estate mogul.

Presidential Candidates Wealth