Remember these things on this Memorial Day

These are my son’s words. He is a combat veteran, and the son of two unspeakably proud parents.

Many of you on here have had a brush with or encounter with death. We have seen the terror, and the horror, and know the reality of war. Whether you realize you took one to the plate, saw the hole in the side of your truck, or had the concrete or brick flying around you as rounds impacted near you, it was right there. Having that close encounter changes you. You may not notice it, it may not be a physical change, but it’s there. You may not realize it then, but you will down the road.

I feel that having that close encounter gives us a greater appreciation for Memorial Day, at least it does for me. Knowing that if the odds were tipped just slightly out of my favor, I wouldn’t be here. I thank God daily that I am still here.

For you civilians out there be content that you will never know those terrors, those horrors, and those realities. I pray you never see it. Know that we are all safer because there are violent men willing to do violent things, willing to lay their lives down all of our freedoms.

So before you fire up that grill, or crack open that cold one, please take a moment and reflect on the lives that have been sacrificed for our freedoms and way of life. Celebrate however you want, but if you can, celebrate it for them.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

So until Valhalla brothers, thank you.