First words

Time-to-StartOk, I’m finally firing up my own blog (I don’t think I have another one lurking around anywhere. I’ve forgotten a lot of things, but I don’t recall forgetting that).  Over the past few years I’ve realized I probably do have some thoughts and experiences worth sharing, or at least worth writing down for my own benefit, as well as a world-view that is shared by many. It’s not all about writing things each reader will agree with, either. I hope to stir up some thoughts, some emotions, and some good discussions. And, if nothing else, this might keep some of my lengthier posts off of Facebook.

I don’t really want this to just be my voice and my ideas, I hope to share this space with others. I’ve enlisted a couple brilliant young writers already (my kids!). I’ve given them license to write about pretty much anything they want, so hopefully we’ll see articles from both of them from time to time. I’ve asked my wife to think about contributing, too, and I’ll probably be tapping some others along the way.

So what is this blog going to be about? Good question. I’m thinking it will span a wide spectrum of topics: current events, government and governance, religion, programming, philosophy, homesteading, technology, guns, chickens, silliness, who knows what all. I have a wide variety of friends, with a wide variety of tastes and interests, so if nothing else, I hope to keep this moderately interesting to some of my friends, some of the time.