You don’t have to hate to disagree.

(FYI, this is totally unsolicited. I haven’t had an argument or disagreement with anyone on anything in particular. This is just an observation of the general state of affairs)

You know what a major problem is? The American people have, somehow, with varying degrees of success, been trained to respond spitefully and hatefully to anyone who doesn’t agree with their viewpoint. For instance, I don’t agree with what SCOTUS did today, but at the same time, I don’t agree with the criminalization of marijuana. So how do you play that, am I liberal and conservative at the same time? I think both the horrible, hateful letter that was placed in the car of a minister who has performed same-sex weddings, and the fact that business owners who disagree with the act based on their faith have been forced to close their businesses if they wish to stay true to their faith, are terrible. If I don’t hold the same view you do on any number of issues, it certainly doesn’t mean I hate you. I’m intelligent, thoughtful, and not close-minded. I’m sure many people who disagree with other people on many topics are. So as we can, when we’re able, let’s try to unlearn harsh, knee-jerk reactions. Disagreeing with someone is ok.

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