Now is the time for loving as Christ did and does.

Guest Contributor – Patricia RalstonI found this article a couple years ago, and it’s still so very relevant–and reminds us of the posture we must assume in response to the legalization of gay marriage. FB has been flooded with the catch – phrases “Love is love” and “Love wins” this week, but it isn’t Love unless it’s rooted in the Love of Christ, and it isn’t winning unless it’s grounded in His Truth.

And, Christians, now is not the time for condemning others or distancing ourselves from others. Now is the time for loving as Christ did and does. Now is the time for Love in action. Now is the time to reread the Gospels and to follow Christ’s example of loving interaction with others–and his directives: to go the extra mile, to gently speak the Truth without fear, to extend Mercy and Grace to all people.

And I’d also say now is a time to listen to others more and to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, to work in and through us, as we attempt to embody God’s Truth in Love.

And, lastly, I want to acknowledge that there are Christians who support gay marriage, who believe homosexuality is not condemned in Scripture. I sincerely hope that Christians who differ in their understanding of God’s position on this issue will be able to talk to each other civilly, lovingly, desiring only to investigate and discover God’s Truth–and not to support their own positions with an air of righteous superiority, which too frequently leads to disdain for and even hatred of each other. This ought not to be; scripture tells us we will be known to be followers of Christ by our Love.

Perhaps because of what I do for a living, I have been asked about gay marriage many times over the last couple of years. With very few exceptions, each of the questions I’ve been asked is some var…

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