Who’s driving this thing?

480051_10200779136697963_1153362781_nHi, I’m Steve and this is my blog. I’ve been in the IT industry since 1991, programming and developing websites for 20 years, working in a number of different programming languages. I taught a variety of IT courses at Kaplan University for a few years. I served in the Army for 8 years. I’m married with two grown kids, a son and a daughter. I love my family. I live in the country outside of Waterloo, IA. I love my home.  Christ is my Savior. I love my Lord. So, my heart is pretty full 🙂

This blog is not even going to try to be PC, but at the same time, I’m not setting out to irritate or offend. If you are irritated or offended by anything, though, feel free to either engage in honest and respectful conversation, or find another site to visit.

Not that everything discussed here is going to be controversial. But, I suppose a fair amount of it will be.